Transformation in Progress — Cleaning Chakras

Does an epic battle definitely exist involving Gentle and Darkish? I have savored composing and reading through stories about battles amongst superior and evil that have been characterised as Light-weight and. Darkish, and many think that these kinds of an epic fight is essentially taking put with our Earth as a prize to be claimed by the winners. It has been my opinion that there could not be this kind of a battle of this nature having put but could I have been mistaken?

When trying to accomplish some chakra cleansing do the job recently with the aid of a Reiki learn both equally my Reiki mate and I came up with the exact same issue just after she experienced a block when sending me strength. The issue we each individual arrived up with independently was ‘parasites’.

I have been instructed in the previous that I have incorporeal parasitic entities connected to my aura which were being making holes in it. So when my Reiki buddy and I both came throughout these parasites I decided to communicate with them to master what they have been and why they were attached to me.

I am not absolutely sure what these parasites may be or why I would be protective of them, but they ended up supplying me chills when I began to examine them. I suspect there is a symbiotic marriage of kinds whereby these items boost or facilitate my psychic capabilities or some other assets similar to how I perceive and function with the universe.

What they might get in return I can’t still say.

I know at one time I imagined these creatures have been hitch-hikers that attached to me for the duration of my astral travels. Even though there do surface to be creatures waiting around in the astral which may well surface to be malevolent or harmful predatory entities, these symbionts do not look to be in that class of creatures. I won’t be able to say how several of them there are other than that there are a lot of like a colony of some kind. They say they assistance me or they want to assist me but I am not certain if that is not a self serving information to beguile me from receiving rid of them. I do tend to come to feel that I must trust them nevertheless I also believe that I evidently need to have to find out additional about them.

They say that they uncovered me misplaced and that they returned me to my environment but now they cannot return by themselves to anywhere it may be they came from. I never know how accurate any of that is, suitable now I regard it as just a story they are telling me about which I simply cannot get any verifiable detail. If I understand what they are stating then they are telling me that I dropped a element of my head and that they have replaced it for me with on their own. In accordance to these parasites it’s component of my thoughts needed for the integration of my physical form in the bodily aircraft. This is the clearest communication I have ever had with them regarding our romantic relationship to just one yet another. It is weird to discuss with them they have so very quite a few little small voices that all converse in unison in get to be listened to.

The closest I can occur to describing these creatures may be to connect with them nanites. They are non-actual physical ultra tiny consciousnesses. They have the moment extra recurring that I somehow obtained lost and that they introduced me again.

I think I employed to have nightmares about them.

In 1 of my recurring dreams I meet up with invaders from outer room or a different dimension and they proceed to get more than our complete earth by subsuming anyone they invade in a collective consciousness very similar to the group thoughts of the invaders in the ‘Body Snatchers’ movies. In these dreams I have constantly rebelled towards the invaders and refused to allow for them to have my body or to coerce me be part of their collective head.

Hmmm, it has been awhile because I final revisited these desires. I never ever seriously realized what to make of the invaders in these dreams so while these desires would have designed a pretty excellent basis for a story I neglected any possibility to take a look at the tale additional.

If I consider to interpret the aspiration then it is I myself, and not the world which has been invaded and it is my consciousness that is getting channeled into alignment with a collective aware or super-aware intellect.

These creatures say they are repairers. They correct what is broken. There voices are somewhat stilted, they converse in broken fragments. It is a minimal odd and quite psychological for me to pay attention to them and to channel their text into this story. There is some thing which element of me does not want to know which is pivotal to why these nanite-like beings are a portion of me.

I know intellectually that I must study what this understanding is that I am so deliberately keeping away from. I can distinctly come to feel a panic or reluctance to bring that know-how into my acutely aware recognition. This expertise is very strongly joined to fear and to suffering and to dying. The demise ordeals which are a section of this forbidden know-how seem to be connected to this existing lifetime fairly than to ‘past lives’. The nanite creatures seem to be to be telling me that each individual time I die they develop an alternate dimension in which I keep on to stay.

This reason which the nanites are describing feels as if it began with an early childhood loss of life potentially, and this does truly feel pretty appropriate, it was a death in infancy a loss of life the place I willed myself to die.

I have that heritage I was one of these ‘failure to thrive’ infants. I have horrible memories of my prenatal ordeals and just after my delivery my dad and mom have been very fearful that I would die, I refuse to eat and my mothers and fathers had no preference but to drive feed me with a huge plastic syringe pushed down my throat. I hated that so significantly I learned to eat on my personal to make it cease.

Okay, now the sixty-four thousand dollar concern. Is this information and facts genuine, or is it some sort of deception? It does experience actual, but items in my thoughts generally get so slippery that I am accustomed to doubting every thing, and my question has turn out to be recurring enough that it has very virtually been my undoing by doubting the efficacy of prayer, distant therapeutic, meditation or visualization, all of which have lately benefited me enormously. My question is chronic and at times hazardous and so I have discovered that I ought to even doubt my question.

My conclusion has been to acknowledge the details that has been gained in this channeling as getting real right until it may be tested or else. I do not signify to embrace this facts in a manner in which I might have issue permitting go of it if the fact displays up and labels it deception.

The nanites say “we resolve damaged factors.”

They say “What will not stay on its very own which desires to stay anyway is manufactured to are living until eventually it can are living on its very own.”

They also say that they are pretty sorry for all the painful residing that should go on till I can study to stay on my own and that each and every time I select to die they ought to bring me again to everyday living. They say I am not permitted to die and I must master to reside on my individual.

I have regarded for a lengthy time that I am not permitted to die, but it is a unusual concept however coming from these lots of, many small small beings.

Their voice(s) are acquainted I have channeled information from them in the past.

This is just a little bit bewildering, if these little beings are symbionts are there also parasites (two diverse groups)? Or do the symbionts only surface to be parasites? Or are the symbionts definitely parasites masquerading as symbionts?

Do I suspect they are symbionts misunderstood to be parasites for the reason that that is in their best fascination for me to feel or due to the fact it is truly real?

I stated to my Reiki close friend that I would test to figure out extra about these entities I have identified as nanites or nanos and what the reality of this problem may be. In the training course of that working day in which I was blocked from obtaining therapeutic electrical power I was directed to two new world wide web web-sites by a new member of just one of my frequented community forums. The 2nd web-site had a portion that explained parasites or other entities that might connect by themselves to someone’s aura.

I had some trouble accepting some of what these sites experienced to offer simply because they describe a strange ‘history’ of the universe and a war involving gentle and darkish such as a hierarchy of spirits all of which had been unfamiliar and which I regarded dubiously. Even so, what was mentioned in regard to channeling definitely got my attention. “If a channeled entity appears to be defensive in any way get rid of it.”

That aspect trapped with me the nanos surely look to be defensive. So I made the decision they had to go. The nanos defensive methods provided hoping to attract me again into a lot of of my previous self-harmful routines. I feel they were employing individuals aged patterns to undermine my bigger point out of recognition and consciousness to check out to stop me from subsequent up on my investigation of what they may well be and to avert me from getting rid of them.

It would seem reasonable that I need to empower myself to live independently of regardless of what entities may possibly have connected on their own to me and that I ought to commence to obvious any foreign entities out of my program. So the following morning I began working with my chakras and vitality to check out to thoroughly clean out any parasites or symbionts.

There was a large amount of resistance on numerous stages to this hard work to cleanse myself. I am confident that I obtained rid of a large amount of these things but I also consider that their may well be plenty of still left to retain and rebuild their colony. So I will will need to do a lot more cleaning function to rid myself of these beings and observe up with visualization work to mend any damage to my aura or chakras.

The resistance and what may look to be malignancy which I encountered that morning was adequate to make me ponder no matter whether there seriously might be a war becoming waged between beings of gentle and dark. Much too lots of of my signs and encounters are explained on the websites which aided to clue me in about channeling defensive entities, so I have experienced to speculate what else may possibly those people websites have to say which I doubt but which might seriously be correct?

So I have been thinking about all of this I have been asking yourself how a lot of the details which I observed on these internet sites that explained a war concerning light-weight and darkish has advantage and how significantly of that info may possibly only be delusional things like I often obtain in myself.

Given that then I have had a probability to further sort issues out. Just one suggestion produced by my mom was that these creatures were certainly a survival and assist system which I may perhaps eventually have outgrown. On the other hand, she also proposed that these creatures are putting up a problem to make me perform my extremely most difficult to eliminate them as a examination. If I can thrive in taking away them then I have handed their test, a take a look at which is intended to make certain that I have indeed adopted a legitimate will to live and that I have adequately discovered the competencies vital to keep myself independently of any aid from these creatures which appear to have infested me.

What are these creatures genuinely? Potentially they are a element of myself which has been projected exterior of myself since of a conflict inside myself concerning my will to reside and my desire to die. I sought after demise so strongly that I perceived my will to reside as an externally imposed overseas will whose intent was to hold me alive in spite of my determination to die.

Why do these creatures appear to be nanites? At the root stage in which the full actual physical universe is created there are little aware entities referred to as quantums.
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Our minds interact with the quantums to manifest whichever truth we want to practical experience. So these nanos might be my individual quantum-nanonic interface, anything I have been browsing for in order to learn how to superior converse with the universe so that I may perhaps consciously manifest whatsoever I may possibly want to practical experience.

Will purging myself of these nanos damage me or enable me? The separation of my self into two components, the nanos and that which I contact my self is not healthful it is a dichotomy that undermines my wellbeing. My attempts to purge them could be misguided, potentially I need to integrate them. Then the only point I will need to purge is my point out of perception of these sections of myself as currently being individual from me. After that is attained then all of my powers which I have projected outdoors of myself in the sort of these nanos return to me, finishing me.

Is there a war among light-weight and dim, or are there simply quite a few strategies in which we create conflict within ourselves which we project into a idea of a war among gentle and darkish? On reflection upon this problem I continue to feel that no war exists. We could battle with ourselves fruitlessly about our interior conflicts until we master to distinct ourselves of all these inner turmoil, but these battles are not artifacts of a bigger war. They are our individual struggles to learn truth for ourselves so that we may perhaps notice ourselves as independent self empowered beings.

The war then is a figment of our imaginations designed from our ignorance. Nevertheless, as with all hermetic orders and magickal traditions, this war turns into a strategy as a result of which strong therapeutic tactics may well be shared. The outer types by which this war could be described are meaningless, the legitimate this means lies concealed within for anybody to find after they comprehend the veil of text do not depict actuality in any objective fashion but do characterize actuality in an inside and subjective way which every of us need to uncover for ourselves.

So the war amongst gentle and dark may possibly only exist as an elaborate metaphor to manual us to a condition of very well staying in which we develop into happier, healthier far more loving human beings.

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