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Quote of the Day

“Unlike all the hollow substitutes, real love is about gaining, through sacrifice, the ability to see the world through another’s eyes.  It’s about learning to know another even as we are known.  It’s about triumphing over daily inconveniences and conflicts, not merely surviving them.  It’s all about emotionally growing together.  And it’s about participating in the redemption of another, even as we are being redeemed.  Such love touches and challenges every part of one’s life.  In summary, love is learning to respect, adore and cherish the other.  True love is always a life-transforming friendship, and such friendship has nothing to do with a constantly overpowering attraction.  The danger of hoping for such attraction is that it is impossible  to obtain–or to sustain for any length of time, no matter who you’re with…A strong component of the current myth concerning love is that the most challenging part of romance  is finding the ‘right’ person;  yet this is false.  The most challenging, and the most fulfilling, part of romance is learning how to love another selflessly over the long haul.  While such attraction is initially blissful and effervescent, it is like the tide, always ebbing and flowing, tempered by our histories, choices and frailties.”

–Greg Jesson, Faith, Film, and Philosophy: Big Ideas on the Big Screen

Our Big Day

Here’s a nifty lil’ Youtube video my sister put together of the wedding.

Dude…sweet.  Great job sis!

Band of Brothers

We’re back from our honeymoon now. After putting the blog on autopilot for a while, I’m back to writing.

I’ve been reflecting on our wedding for a number of days now. What a beautiful wedding! From the moment groomsmen started arriving to the time we left Florida (honeymoon site), it was all astoundingly joy-filled. My advice to anyone having a wedding in the future is the same piece of advice one of my groomsmen gave me; no matter how frenetic the events become, pause several times, breathe deeply, and take it all in: the people, the smells, the music, the aesthetics of it all. That way, you’ll remember the time in a stronger way. It can easily slip by too fast.

Thanks to that piece of advice, I was able to savor this life changing time. Several events made an impression on me. One of those events…well, it really wasn’t an event, but a picture…was during the ceremony itself.

My bride was, of course, stunning. The music, the sermon, the bridesmaids, etc, etc…they were all unreal. But one thing that uniquely made my chest swell with pride (the good kind of pride) was the men standing behind me. There is something incredibly noble about a man, who is about to pledge his life, soul, and honor to the woman he loves, being backed by his fellows.

I’m aware of the various histories of the role  “groomsmen” play in a wedding. Depending on the culture and tradition, some roles were more noble than others. Still, I was very proud and honored to have my men accompanying me on this important day. I have bled with each one of these guys, and I couldn’t have picked a better group. Every man has spoken into my life and built me into the man I am today. They have been “God’s iron” used to sharpen me. They truly are my band of brothers.

courtesy of lightwriterphoto.com

courtesy of lightwriterphoto.com

What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas

Philosopher Greg Jesson on that little ditty:

Of course, this means only one thing: sex without the hindrance of friendship or future. It is ridiculous to claim that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, because choice and character are reciprocally related, and one’s character necessarily follows one home from Vegas–or from anywhere else.

Seven Myths Single Women Believe

From, you guessed it, Boundless author Suzanne Hadley…I love Boundless. Good perspective for 20 and 30 somethings.

The list:

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Coyote County Loser Coming to the OC

If my post yesterday made you think (or even if it didn’t), go check out Coyote County Loser September 4-10 at Cinema City Theaters in Anaheim Hills, California.  Coyote County Loser is an independent film by Roebuck Media, and it fits in well with the themes I touched upon yesterday (see my own review of the film here.  Warning: spoilers contained!).

It is a delightful romantic comedy.  When I watched it, I really had to chuckle about the exchanges between the two main characters.  Several times, though their interactions were slightly exaggerated for effect (which is to be expected in a romantic comedy film, to a certain extent), there was more than a bit of truth therein about the battle of the sexes.  I was entertained and got to ponder a deep lesson about love at the same time.  I highly recommend it for anyone wanting to see a tastefully done film on love and relationships.

A 5 ft 3 Mirror

Have you noticed I’ve been focusing on dating, marriage, and relationships in my last few posts? Well, my own wedding is coming up in a few days, so I have a legit excuse…:)

Plus, like nothing else, the subject of dating and marriage are two controversial subjects that tend to get the comments box hot and sizzlin’. A post on the moral argument for God’s existence will bring, perhaps, a comment or two (sorry Wintery Knight…just callin’ the shots like I see ’em), but bring up the subject of dating and suddenly all the 20 somethings come out of the shadows with a thing or two to say.

Well, if my posts the last few days haven’t been controversial enough, there’s today’s post. I think it’s time to stir up the pot a ‘lil.

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