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Our Big Day

Here’s a nifty lil’ Youtube video my sister put together of the wedding.

Dude…sweet.  Great job sis!

Seven Myths Single Women Believe

From, you guessed it, Boundless author Suzanne Hadley…I love Boundless. Good perspective for 20 and 30 somethings.

The list:

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Coyote County Loser Coming to the OC

If my post yesterday made you think (or even if it didn’t), go check out Coyote County Loser September 4-10 at Cinema City Theaters in Anaheim Hills, California.  Coyote County Loser is an independent film by Roebuck Media, and it fits in well with the themes I touched upon yesterday (see my own review of the film here.  Warning: spoilers contained!).

It is a delightful romantic comedy.  When I watched it, I really had to chuckle about the exchanges between the two main characters.  Several times, though their interactions were slightly exaggerated for effect (which is to be expected in a romantic comedy film, to a certain extent), there was more than a bit of truth therein about the battle of the sexes.  I was entertained and got to ponder a deep lesson about love at the same time.  I highly recommend it for anyone wanting to see a tastefully done film on love and relationships.


The conversation I referenced in yesterday’s post also had bits of “soul-mate-ism” in it.

Man alive, we younguns have such high standards for a mate these days! Well, let me qualify: for us, some things, like godliness, virtue, potential to be a great father/mother, love of God, commitment to Christ, spending habits, etc, are negotiable. If we meet a person that sufficiently sets off sparks in the gut, we can manage without all that. Afterall, missionary dating is all the rage! Perhaps your sweetie will grow a love for God as a result of dating you!

But there absolutely has to be this, this, this, ineffable quality about the person that just makes you come alive. When you meet this person, you just know. S/he completes you. S/he is “the one.” You can’t define it, but you know it when you….feel it. God made him/her just for you, and nothing could be more obvious.

Even if we don’t put it like that, that’s how many of us in my generation think, feel, and live.

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The Joy of Forever

Ok, this is simply awesome…in six days, it has gotten over 5 million views on Youtube.

No, we won’t be doing anything like this at our wedding, as it would just be copycatting.  Plus, I don’t think mom would be amused…:)  It’s still wildly fun to watch, though.  Please allow me to point out that the song (“Forever,” by Chris Brown), IMO, is a good choice.  Sure, it contains the usual secular hip hop view of love (minus the sexual lyrics), but an A for effort.

Perhaps there will be dancing down the aisle at the Wedding Supper in heaven?  This is merely but a taste, my friends.

My favorite: the minister.  She’s just kiiiinnnda standing there.

What’d you do That For?

Quite a few times now, when I tell some of my guy friends that I’m engaged, their reaction goes something like this:

“How old are you?”


“What’d you do that for?”

It’s predictable; there are a plethora of pressures in this culture that tell men to become boys and run from responsibility.  Some of it comes from a society that tells men they can have all the sex they want commitment and consequence free.  Some of it comes from the divorce statistics.  Some of it comes from well meaning folks in the church, who beat the divorce statistics until they are dead and twitching.  These folks tend to dwell a tremendous amount on the hardships of marriage, and they give scant attention to all the joys.

When you’ve just heard the 12th sermon warning of the stumblings of married couples, how kids wear you out and make you think nasty thoughts, and how “50% of Christian marriages end  in divorce,” blah, blah, blah,  it’s no wonder guys aren’t exactly excited about getting married.  My word, these days Paul’s phrase “it is good for a man not to marry” is repeated ad nauseum like it’s some Eckhart Tolle incantation.   I’m tired of it, frankly.

There’s not much talk, both inside and outside the church, about responsibility being a manly calling.  Very few talk about how responsibility is hard, and that because it’s  hard, it’s good.  It stretches you, and like any hard task, it transforms your selfish character.  We tend to miss the fact that the commitment of all one’s being to another person for life is a noble honor worth pursuing.

Yeah, so you’ve got to give up your independence.  So…..what?!  Maybe, just maybe, that’s a good thing.  You get to give yourself away in a uniquely intense fashion.  Why do we  think that the XBox, Mac-n-cheese dinners, and weekend trips to Vegas with the guys are somehow better?  Anyone ever ask that question?  Sure, they can be more fun in the short run, but more meaningful?

I’m not married yet, so I don’t know what marriage will be like.  I’m willing to bet it actually will be hard at times.  But this makes me want to run towards, not away from marriage.

I love my fiance’, and therefore I’m looking forward to giving up my independence.  I consider the responsibility a joy, and I want to embrace it…that’s what I tell the man-boys who think I’m selling short.  I hope they never forget that.


Yep…I’m pullin off the steal of the century.

I’ve got her fooled.