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boxing-9Of course, I welcome comments! I hope to have vigorous discussion with people from all walks of life and all points of view, so please feel comfortable to leave your thoughts, whether they be pro or con. Don’t be squeamish. If you think I’m wrong, say so.

There are rules, however; even UFC fights have them, and it is no different here.

First, be prepared to back up your view with reasoning. Just emoting won’t get you very far.

Second, name calling is not an argument. That will just get you laughed at.

Third, no spam. Such tomfoolery will mean that Chuck Norris will be hunting you down.


Fourth, keep in mind that ideas have (many times grave) consequences. This is serious business–no armchair sophistry allowed.

Fifth, know that I do have a day job, so comments might not get approved right away. Also, on Sundays I take a day off blogging, so I only approve comments after 9pm on that day.

Sixth and most importantly, be willing to engage. This means grappling with contrary viewpoints, and either refuting them or adjusting your own view if you find those viewpoints to be solid. Refer to rule four.

If you can abide by those rules, then put your cup on.


6 responses to “Comments Policy

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  2. Hmm, this is interesting. I have no comments policy yet, but I plan to make one. I’ve read your policy, and they’re good enough I think. Great!

  3. My comments policy is much simpler than yours. Anything is allowed with the exception of physically threatening somebody and obvious spam. In fact, in 5+ years of blogging, I’ve only deleted 2 or 3 comments and those were each spam comments filled with links to pornographic sites.

    Other than that, people can be as ugly, disrespectful and as vulgar as they want to be. Most such individuals I simply ignore and suggest the same of my more thoughtful readers.

  4. In the Hebrew and Greek word studies I have used, it appears that fornication and lust in the sexual context relate specifically to The Singular Act of becoming “One Flesh.” If so, why do so many Pastors teach otherwise? I have heard many respectable Church Leaders actually teach that when the Bible says that “it is good that a man not touch a woman” that this is literal, instead of being what it is, a Jewish euphemism for the act of intercourse. Conversely, others still insist that Jesus’ first miracle was not literal, but rather, producing Welche’s Grape Juice? Please explain?

  5. Love the pic here, Pug. Was showing my sister your blog. She thought it was cool. (This is Plato, if you were wondering). Augustinus is my WordPress name now.

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    am reading this wonderful article to increase my knowledge.

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