PAT Screening Illustrations

During PAT Screening, unique checks are carried out depending on the Class of equipment. PAT Tests of appliances is a little bit in another way to that of electric power cords. This post seems to be at some illustrations of PAT Tests.

If the equipment does not have a ranking plate then it is failed straight absent. The absence of a rating plate presents the tester with numerous challenges, It is unattainable to decide the Class of the appliance, the energy taken as well as any acceptance expectations that the appliance has been built to.

Appliances with a double box image are of Course II construction. In this scenario, just the Insulation Resistance exam is carried out in the course of PAT testing.

Appliances with no the double box image are of Class I building and require the Earth Continuity and the Insulation Resistance checks carried out during PAT screening. If the equipment is in a metallic enclosure, like an electric powered fireplace or a washing equipment, then it is relatively straightforward to clip the Earth Take a look at lead to a steel point. These appliances are categorized as Course I metallic.

Course I plastic appliances are completely enclosed in plastic. It is not possible to carry out the earth Continuity exam on these appliances as there is no Earth Point to clip onto. In this scenario, a single requires to do just the Insulation Resistance take a look at when PAT testing is carried out. It is essential to make ideal notes as to why the earth Continuity exam was not carried out.

Electrical power cords these types of as Computer system IEC cables or mains extension sales opportunities will need 3 tests carried out on them for the duration of PAT screening. These are the Earth Continuity, Insulation Resistance and the Polarity exam. The latter examination checks that the Reside and Neutral wires are the right way linked.

Two core power cords do not have an earth. They are for use on Class II gear. They can also be inserted both way round and not polarity sensitive. It is usually only important to carry out an inspection on these.

Examination illustrations

It will be valuable at this phase to seem at some examination examples. There is an example of the unique classes of devices introduced underneath.

Class II Take a look at

Assessment of the rating plate of a drill confirms that it is crafted to Class II expectations. I.e. It relies upon on Double Insulation to present the two layers of safety to the consumer. We just need to have out the Insulation Resistance Take a look at through PAT testing.

The drill is plugged into the PAT tester. The test direct is clipped onto any metal component of the drill. The chuck is a good pint to clip onto. For the take a look at to be productive, it is essential to change the drill on. For this exam, there is no mains ability applied to the drill so there is no risk of the drill rotating.

On the PAT tester, just one only presses the Course II button to have out the Insulation Resistance take a look at. As this is a Pass/Fall short PAT tester just one just documents the Pass or the Fail on the Equipment Test Document. If the PAT tester gave an real examination price then this is recorded.

Notice: On the operate or load out there on some PAT testers, electric power is applied to the equipment. In this situation care should really be taken that the drill beginning to function does not existing any threat to the man or woman tests.

Class I (steel) check

The score plate on a Burco tea urn suggests that it does not have the double box image indicating that it is a Course I appliance. This means that it depends on a mix of insulation and an earth link to protect the consumer from an electric shock. Throughout PAT tests we want to carry out the Earth Continuity and Insulation Resistance check.

The kettle is plugged into the PAT tester. The check direct is clipped on to the heating element inside of the kettle. If there is a ton of scaling, then rotate the clip a number of moments for it to break as a result of this and make a superior contact with the component.

If the kettle has a flat plate then clip onto a screw driver and use this to get a great contact.

It is critical to switch the kettle on in advance of carrying out this take a look at. For this test, there is no mains electric power applied to the kettle so there is no threat of the kettle operating.

On the PAT tester, just one only presses the Course I button to carry out the Earth Continuity and Insulation Resistance tests. As this is a Move/Fail tester one just records the Pass or the Are unsuccessful on the Products Take a look at Record. If the tester gave an precise examination value then this is recorded.

Be aware: On the operate or load accessible on some PAT testers, energy is applied to the equipment. In this scenario care must be taken to include some water to the kettle to reduce the protection slash-out from operating.

Course I (plastic) exam

The rating plate of an electrical fan clearly indicates that it is a Class I appliances. Not only is the double box image missing, but there is a obvious warning stating that the appliance need to be earthed. This means that we require to have out the Earth Continuity and Insulation Resistance exams for the duration of PAT screening.

Nonetheless, in get to carry out the Earth Continuity take a look at one demands to clip onto a metallic section of the equipment. As this lover is wholly included by plastic, there is no put to clip this lead on to. This indicates that when we try and carry out the Earth Continuity check the appliance will fail.

It is essential to recognize that as this equipment is Course I and is fully covered in plastic it is basically very a ton safer than Course I (metal) appliances. If the reside wire inside of the equipment were to arrive unfastened, the consumer is still safeguarded by a layer of plastic insulation.

The suggested way to address a Class I (plastic) appliance is to carry out just the Insulation Resistance examination. If this is a Pass, then the appliance is handed with a be aware to point out that the Earth Continuity examination could not be done thanks to the plastic development.

On the PAT tester there is a devoted Course I (plastic) button. When this is pressed just the Insulation Resistance is carried out.

Testing Power Cords

Several fashionable testers have a handy electricity cord tests aspect. All a single has to do is to plug both of those ends of the cable into the PAT tester and push the Ability Wire button to carry out the take a look at. The tester will carry out the Earth Continuity, Insulation Resistance and Polarity check and screen a Move or a Fail.

This exam can simply be adopted to take a look at mains extension sales opportunities with the use of a limited (twenty to thirty cm) IEC lead. A shorter guide is made use of to retain the resistance that it adds to the measurement as minimal as doable.

This is plugged into the mains extension lead and also into the PAT tester. Now when the Energy Wire button is pressed the Earth Continuity, Insulation Resistance and Polarity exams are carried out and a Go or Fail is displayed. It is essential to take a look at all 4 sockets in the extension guide
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