Locked Out of Your Car or Home?

Have you ever been locked out of car at odd times of the night when no normal business is open? I HAVE. The easiest way to do this is to call 411 and have them find any open locksmith around anf call them. The downside to this option is that it is usually going to cost you on average twice as much as it would if it were during normal work time hours. There are other options

If you are Locked out your car:

  1. If you have a coat hanger then this is a good item to use to manipulate itself into the door jam of your vehicle to unlock the door. get the coat hanger and bend it straight,either use a pen or some small object to prey the door jam open just a little bit,maybe about a quarter of an inch or so. Oncer this is done slide the coat hanger down into the door jam and use it to pull on the lock till it unlocks.

2.Another method to this is to use a shoe string in conjunction with the coat hanger to get to the lock to open.Follow the steps above except make a hangmans noose at the end of the shoe string and drop it in between the door jam with the coat hanger. Use the coat hanger to guide the shoe string onto the lock or door handle, depending on how the door opens, once the shoe string is on pull it tight while applying tension with the coat hanger.Once it is completely tight just pull up or whatever direction needed to get the door open.

If you are locked out of your house:

1.This method is a little bit tricky, but it can work pretty well.This method only works if the deadbolt is not locked and just the bottom lock. First get a old library, gym , credit card or ID.Then apply pressure with your leg and hip near the door jam where the lock is to relieve some of the pressure near the lock. In the process of doing this slide the end of the card into the jam between the door and the lock lever and wiggle it back and forth up and down until the card slides in between the door and the lock lever. After this just push the door open.

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