Alan Shlemon has a good tip for when you are called names for holding to unpopular views:

Bigot. It’s a nasty term. Usually, it’s reserved for the most intolerant individual. Usually, it refers to closed-minded and angry people. And usually, it’s applied to Christians who oppose same-sex marriage (SSM).

That’s right. If you’re a Christian and oppose SSM, then hundreds of news articles, thousands of blog posts, and millions of people think you’re a bigot. If your opposition to SSM is in any way connected with your faith, then your chances of being labeled with this term increase exponentially. Of course, you’re still homophobic, but now they think you’re also a bigot.

What is it with all the name-calling? Have people given up on offering a reasoned, well-thought argument against our position? In many instances, yes. That’s why they resort to name-calling. Plus, it’s quicker and more convenient.

Like them, I’m all about convenience. In fact, I have a quick and convenient suggestion for dealing with these verbal assaults.

Read the rest.

HT: Wintery Knight

2 responses to “Bigot?

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  2. OK, here’s my reasoned argument against your position.

    In my opinion, anyone who accepts the opinion of ancient tribesman and nomads who maintained a patriarchal (almost misogynist) stranglehold on their society and thinks this should apply to our contemporary setting should get with times!

    Such a person should also examine WHY this ancient society found homosexuality abhorrent. By reading through the Books of Genesis and Leviticus, it becomes abundantly clear that females were treated as second-class citizens with almost no rights. Consequently, if a male took on the role of the female, in the eyes of these male chauvinists, that was tantamount to turning their backs on their glorious maleness.

    Do you really think that, if women were treated with the same respect as men, that homosexuality would even be issue? Me thinks not.

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