Daily Archives: March 9, 2010

A Saint in the City

More wrestlers should write books about wrestling.  There.  I said it.

I’m not talking about “how to” books.  I’m talking about real life stories.

Am I biased?  Perhaps.  I challenge you, though, to take a look at the lives in the sport.  It’s an often misunderstood sport, but there’s some good food for the soul there– especially for men–that people often miss because they haven’t tried to get past it’s “goofiness.”  All they see are the few examples of kids who lose weight the wrong way:

“when I was in high school, the wrestlers (what they  mean is just one or two) used to run around all day in trash bags.” 

That’s all they can say about it.  They forget that every sport has its abuses.  They miss the incredible dedication and discipline that it takes to even get through one season.  They miss the countless hours in the weightroom.  They miss all the 6 a.m sprints.  They miss the conditioning push ups and rope climbs after a two hour grueling practice.  They miss that when you lose, there is no teammate to hide behind: it’s just you, your opponent, and a circle.  They miss the fact that, despite the fact that every bone in your body screams for rest and you feel like  Mac truck has hit you,  you have to keep going hard in that sixth minute of a match.  You’d rather nap than attack…but attack you must.  Wrestling is a sport that beats the little boy out of you, and in a way, that’s good.  It forges character, and that makes for quite inspiring stories.

For an example of how lives in the sport can be uplifting, inspiring, and encouraging, look no further than a book that recently came out titled A Saint in the City, by Scott Glabb.

I can recommend this book for *anyone* looking for an uplifting story; it’s not just for wrestling fans. He uses wrestling jargon in a few places, but by and large, this book is about the character lessons that young men have learned under Glabb’s tutelage. The type of stories you find in this book are the kind that you only expect to find in Hollywood inspirational movies, not in your own back yard in Southern California..but here it is, and it’s all true.

I can testify to the impact Scott has had on young men: I know a few of the guys Scott tells of in the book, and they are men of good character–the type of guys you want your kids to be around.

If you are looking for hope that there are men of good heart and sound mind in the city impacting the next generation of men, look no further than A Saint in the City.