Daily Archives: February 1, 2010

Book of Eli

I just watched Book of Eli.

Violent?  Very.

Slight pluralistic message at the end.
Kinda funky definition of faith (then again, his faith drove him to action, he was certain of the hope he had, and he’s clear of what God has called him to do even though he doesn’t have it all figured out…so I guess there’s something to it).

Yet thought provoking all the same.  I guess you can’t win ’em all.  Given that Book of Eli came from Hollywood, I’ll give it an “A” for effort.

The man who read the Bible was the righteous one, the one who had never read it was power-hungry, violent, and wanted to abuse the Bible.

I even liked it when Eli said, “some people thought that this book [the Bible] caused the war.”  He put a tiny emphasis on “some” and “thought,” enough of an emphasis to make a difference.

There were very interesting and genioius symbols strewn throughout the movie.  For example, when Carnegie’s main henchman, Redridge, dies, he dies on his knees, head bowed (prayer, anyone?).  Immediately before his death he has a repentance of sorts–he could kill Solara, but he simply steps out of the vehicle and dies peacefully.  Another example is the destination toward which Eli is headed to take the Bible: Alcatraz prison.  That made me recall the fact that Jesus came to save the sinners, the outcasts, and those with no hope.  Jesus takes the untouchables and uses them to spread the Kingdom.

Some would balk at what Carnegie says about the Bible: that it is an instrument of power, and those that wield it can control people like “sheep” by giving them a false hope.  That message makes me cringe too, but consider the source.  In the end, the movie itself was not endorsing that message.  If Eli had championed it, that would be different, but he stood for a completely different take on the Bible, and it is clear it’s his voice we’re supposed to pay heed to.

I don’t think any of those involved would profess Book of Eli to be a Christian movie, and it’s certainly not for everyone.  It does have many, many deep and thought provoking themes though.

Any of those who have seen it care to comment on it?