Daily Archives: December 21, 2009

My Boy Grant

My friend, Grant, is going for it.

In a few weeks, he’ll embark on an 11 month, 11 country, mission trip titled “The World Race.”

During the trip, they’ll be doing all sorts of Kingdom activities.  Here’s how TWR’s own website puts it:

The World Race is an 11-month Christian mission trip to 11 different countries around the world, and it’s not your typical missions experience. It’s a way for young adults to abandon a traditional lifestyle in exchange for a dramatic paradigm shift.

Through adventure, ministry, community, and self-discovery, World Racers develop broken hearts that propel their hands to act for God’s kingdom around the globe. The best part of the World Race is it’s merely the beginning of a life-long journey.

In a day when the culture tells and enables young men to cling to their video game controllers and weekend oversized tonka-truck toys, Grant is swimming against the tide.  He’s sacrificing his time and resources for the Kingdom.

To pull this off, though, he needs considerable prayer and support.  Consider helping him make the trip by supporting him.  For more details, visit his website.