Daily Archives: October 18, 2009

Pop-Spirituality: Empty Calories for the Soul

Sorry for not posting substantive stuff over the past few days…you know…life.  Plus, working on a few other writing projects (!!!).

For now, feast your minds on the following podcast from Dr. John Mark Reynolds and friends:

Oprah-Style Religion: Choosing the Truth over ‘The Secret’


One of the most popular trends in modern spirituality is the “visualization” approach, which claims that health, wealth, and happiness are only a positive thought away. These principles seem harmless, perhaps even beneficial for everyday life–but are there dangers below the surface? What’s in store for the many who follow these coffee-shop religions?

Listen as Dr. John Mark Reynolds and Dr. Paul Spears, professors at the Torrey Honors Institute, are joined by foremost apologist and Biola University professor Dr. Craig Hazen to discuss pop culture’s attempts at piety, and how Christians can counter the claims of modern spiritual gurus.