Headline: Teacher Steals IPOD in Public School–Student Laughs

Best piece of philosophical advice I ever got from a former professor I had:

If you ever meet a person who claims morality is relative and therefore no one should judge…steal his stereo.

Weeelll, maybe I’m exaggerating on the “best advice” part, but it brings the point home, doesn’t it?
I was having a discussion on moral relativism with my senior class today, and I did just that (except, I didn’t steal a stereo; I stole an IPOD).  When the student objected, I said, “meh.  If that’s your morality, fine, don’t steal IPODs yourself.   But don’t push that belief on me.”  They got a good chuckle out of that.  It usually brings the point home pretty well.

7 responses to “Headline: Teacher Steals IPOD in Public School–Student Laughs

  1. Well played! I know I’m repeating myself, but I’m so glad that there are teachers like you out there. I hope that you inspire many others to follow your lead.

  2. Keep up the good work. Turning those minds full of mush into reasonable, moral, and productive members of society is a great and noble task.

  3. So how did you explain what a moral relativist would say regarding your experiment?

  4. Well done! Thank you for sharing this.


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  7. Excellent illustration on this issue.
    I homeschool and my daughter and I have been discussing this very topic now in history. Your illustration really hits the target.

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