Daily Archives: July 28, 2009

No-Zero Grade Policy: What a Bunch of Bullfeathers

courtesy of cooperativeindividualism.com

courtesy of cooperativeindividualism.com

Just when I thought things in education couldn’t get any more foolish, I read about a district’s “no-zero” grade policy:

The Chillicothe school board is considering a proposal to change the grading scale so that no student would receive a zero. The lowest grade would be 50 percent.

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CNN Video: Police Colleagues Back up Crowley

Verum Serum has the video.  I am glad that not only is Crowley refusing to back down, but his fellow men and women in uniform are standing by him.  Kelly King’s words are especially powerful.

My hope is that teens and youth in this country, black, white, Latino, etc, pay special attention to her words, rather than the President’s, Gates’, the Governor’s, and the Mayor’s.  May youth all over our nation look up to her example, rather than Gates’.

Last thing: you gotta see the comments section in the VS post.  I ask: who is the one being racist?