Virginity in the NBA: Mission Possible

I ran into an oldie but a goodie the other day on the web: NBA star A.C Green’s testimony as to why he was a virgin.

courtesy of

courtesy of

The only reason I say “was” is because the article is from 1998, and he married in 2002.

The article is a gem.  Here is an excerpt:

I’m a virgin because, first of all, that’s what God has designated for me at this time, being a single man. I have committed my life to let Him make the decisions, not me. I’m following His rules, so that’s the first thing. Secondly, I choose to be abstinent because of the self-respect and high regard I have for my body. It’s a choice I’m proud of. There are tests, there are trials, but to me it’s not as hard as most people would imagine. You only really get tested when you put yourself in a tempestuous situation, or spend your time around tempting women. Maybe you’ll find out exactly what you’re made of, but I wouldn’t trust myself to a stupid test like that. Therefore, it’s best for me to keep away from possibly compromising situations.

Over the years, there have been people who don’t believe that I’m a virgin. They say, “Oh, man, you can’t be in the NBA and be a virgin!” My only response to that is: “Hey, I know who I am and what I am, and that is a virgin. And with all of the risks associated with sex, I’m surprised you’re not.”

I’m really tired of the stereotype of NBA players. My pet peeve is the stereotype that gets labeled on athletes first of all and overall. You know that everyone is going after fast cars, a lot of money and a lot of women. That’s the stereotype. You’re supposed to come into the league, get paid, get a home, get a ride, and get a honey. That’s the image, but I say, forget that. Sure, it’s there, but just because it’s there doesn’t mean I’ve got to partake of it. In truth, the majority of the guys in one way or the other get caught up in one of those stereotypes, maybe not all of them, but one of them for sure. I can almost say two of them.

The whole issue of NBA players and women and sex and children out of wedlock was the subject of a recent Oprah Winfrey Show in which I participated. The main question that kept coming up was, “Why don’t guys use condoms?” That is a very good question. I told Oprah that I feel it is very stupid just to put yourself in that position. I don’t even know why they are having sex in the first place, if they are not married. I tell my colleagues and teammates all the time that they are playing with fire. They don’t realize how stupid it is because to them it’s fun, it’s daring, it is like living on the edge. And when you live on the edge, you want to be near the fire. But like mama said, when you play with fire, you might get burned. These guys have so much to lose. It’s crazy to me to put yourself in that position. There might be a few virgins in the NBA. But overall, the guys are sort of reckless and their behavior reflects the attitude, “Hey, I can do anything and everything and not worry about responsibility and accountability.” That’s their attitude.

Sometimes in the locker room, I’m like a voice of reason. I don’t want to hear about what happened last night, and the guys have enough respect for me and know what I stand for that they don’t even bring that stuff to me. But more than anything I try to get them to understand that you’ve got to think about what you’re doing–instead of just thinking that every lady out there is a road trip. That’s the type of mentality sometimes–“just because I go from city to city and play this game, I can play women too.” Sometimes they think women are just like that–a game or a piece of meat. (emphasis mine)

I absolutely love the fact that he was a virgin not just to avoid STDs or an out of wedlock pregnancy, but because he wanted to honor God and women (catch that last sentence in the excerpt above.).  This guy saw the bigger picture.

Hey folks, if an NBA star like Green could do it with everyone conspiring against him (In the article he tells stories of how his teammates tried to sabotage and tempt him, and he tells of how female fans used to try to honey up to him), anyone can do it.

Read the whole thing.  It’s well worth the time.

Factoid: Green played in more consecutive games than any other player in NBA and ABA history (1,192).

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