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Yeah…it Blows my Mind Allright

The other day, I happened upon the advertisement below.

“Heh…heh.  She said “blow.”  Heh.  Gigglesnort.BKsevenincher

Well, no.  I am disgusted, plain and simple.

Yeah, yeah…other corporations like Quiznos and Carl’s Jr. do it too.  I don’t care.  It’s inexcusable.  It demeans women.  It teaches boys all the wrong lessons about sex and the opposite gender.

Yeah, yeah, it will probably make their sandwich sell like crazy, given that it pitches to one of the most lucrative demographics out there: 18-35 year-old males.  I don’t care.  It is not too much to expect a corporation to rise above the bottom line every once and a while.

Yeah, yeah, I know it is only being shown overseas.  I don’t care.  Still disgusting.  Plus, the advert is still in English with American dollars.

Yeah, yeah, call me judgmental, or an uptight fundamentalist, or a narrow-minded bigot.  Conjure up all the hyped-up Puritan imagery you can.  I don’t care.  If all you got is a verbal rock to throw at me, that actually gives me more confidence that I have a point.

I know what the defense will be: “hey, its free market capitalism.  If the public wouldn’t eat it up, they wouldn’t pitch it.”  That’s no excuse.  Simple as that.  Plus, whereas art used to imitate life, now life imitates art.  This advertisement, like the ones before it, will join the many other things in this culture that will continue to further our slouch towards Gomorrah.  Does that mean that every kid who sees this will immediately start humping in the streets?  No, of course that’s not my claim.  But this does communicate a loud and clear message about what is good and acceptable behavior, and people will be influenced by it.  With the next risque advertisement, I can definitely see folks going, “meh…we’ve seen that before.”   Next time, the envelope will be pushed further, continuing the coarsening of our culture and natures.  I’ve gotta raise my kids in that culture, and I wish that whatever 13-year old mind conjured this up would’ve considered that.

Hotair makes some good points and asks some good questions:

Great job, guys — and I’m pretty sure I’m safe in assuming that the originators of this campaign were men. The model in the pic suggests that they were men more familiar with blow-up dolls than real women, too. How many moms will make the choice to go to Burger King after this? Or will they opt for the more friendly atmosphere at McDonalds, Wendy’s, and other fast-food options?

I will never, ever eat Burger King again, or Carl’s Jr, or Quiznos.

If BK has any spine and, well yes, gonads, they’ll pull this advert quickly.

HT: Boomer