Daily Archives: July 8, 2009

I’d Like to Think I was This Smart When I was 11

…but I’d be kidding myself.

You just gotta check this out! These kids talk with more suave and composure than 99.5% of adults…and the ages are 11, 11, and 14! I especially get a kick out of the kid in the bottom left with the tie. Future Sean Hannity or something. Even if you are a card carrying ACLU member, you gotta laugh and cheer. They all speak lucidly, and they all have arguments rather than mere juvenile ad hominem attacks.

I’d love to have that kid in my class. The students would hate him, for sure, and he’d get major swirlies every day (do they even do swirlies any more?), but I’d have a blast.

HT: Hotair