What a Long, Strange Week it’s Been: Palin Stepping Down

Update: Hugh Hewitt has a guest post from Jude about the whole ordeal…a very thoughtful piece.  Whatever the reasons are for her stepping down, I wish her well in the “race of life” as Jude puts it.

Man this has been a strange week in politics…am I dreaming or something?

Sarah Palin just announced her resignation about four hours ago, and it’s already old news.  Just look at the number of trackbacks in Malkin’s post!palin

I don’t know about this one, folks.  I know, I know: she’s been subject to quite an unjust treatment in the press.  The bouts of PDS have been astounding.  I can empathize with her: the thought of stepping down early crossed my mind once or twice a year the last three years, and the pressure she’s faced is a gazillion times more intense.  She has faced so much public scrutiny…I wouldn’t be able to stand up to even a fraction of it, and she’s faced it all pretty well.

But this strikes me as quite an odd way of solving her woes.

Bullying 101: you don’t kick the bully’s a** by quitting.  That is what the bully wants, and it is no different in this case.  This is exactly what all the lefty nutjobs (and, sadly, some Republicans!)  wanted in the first place, and it is a cliche’ that people will do what you reward them for doing.  Mark my words: this will do absolutely nothing to stop her name from being dragged around in the mud.  It will only increase….in fact, it has already started.  The author that coined that title should be the one stepping down.  Friggin’ despicable.

The reasons she gave for stepping down don’t make sense at all.  Some say she might be gearing up for a run in 2012 for president…someone out there tell me, has anyone evah done this this far out to prepare for a presidential run?  How could dropping a duty you willingly took on in the first place set you up for presidential success?  The inertia needed to overcome the stigma of a “quitter” will be enormous…suffice it to say: as far as 2012 goes, this does her no favors.

So I think it’s highly unlikely she’s doing this to set herself up for a presidential run.  There might be something else going on under the surface that she can’t quite divulge right now.  If so, time will bring that to light, as it does to all secrets.

4 responses to “What a Long, Strange Week it’s Been: Palin Stepping Down

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  2. Unbelievable you are ok with her quitting. Every politican faces scrutiny. Pundits on the left try to dig up dirt on the right and pundits on the right do the exact same thing to politicans on the left. But, Sarah Palin would play the victim card everytime she had to defend herself and people on the right allowed her to get away with it.
    Throughout her time on the Presidental ticket she showed she wasn’t qualifed as a politician. But, Charles Gibson and Katie Curic ask her questions that she can’t answer and then she looks like a dear in headlights and it was the media out to get her. But, enough about the left and the media. Bottom line she quit. I don’t think there is a reasonable excuse for quitting. If you support her you should feel let down. People voulenteered countless hours stumping for her and she abandoned all of them. So much for her being a

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  4. Mike,

    I think you are taking a skewed view of her interactions with the media…but never mind that…why’d you think I’m ok with her quitting? I never even implied that. Sure, I empathize with the pressure she feels, but that’s a world’s difference from saying I’m ok with her quitting. Quite the opposite, in fact!

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