Various and Sundry Thoughts

I don’t do this often, but it’s high time I actually do a “Roundup” (as Neil calls them):

1) Just when my ears had stopped ringing from the last round of anti-Palin screeching, there comes another round, this time started by Todd Purnum of Vanity Fair.  The fella wrote a near 10,000 word squawk-fest that should be used by logic textbooks to describe the ad hominem fallacy.   The “Sherlock Holmes of journalism” (sarcasm implied), a.k.a Andrew Sullivan, followed with a return to his speculatin’ that Trig Palin is not Sarah Palin’s son.

Folks are not letting the pile of bile stand, though.  Sister Toldjah has a great post linking to the many folks who have thoroughly debunked Purnum and Sullivan.

I have my doubts about Palin, but Purnum and Sullivan really, really cross the line.  I mean, seriously, folks!  It’s high time conservatives and liberals stand up to defend her for once, and simply squash this obsession.

Hotair provides a good quote from Patrick Hynes:

Look, I worked on the McCain campaign. Palin had her shortcomings, but she also brought some incredible strengths to the campaign. And perhaps the McCain staffers who continue to trash the governor are deflecting attention away from how remarkably screwed up and dysfunctional the operation was even before the Palin pick. What I don’t understand is this: Why would anyone hire a bunch of campaign staffers after watching how viciously they are attacking their former employer?

Melissa Coulthier adds her thoughts too: the folks from the McCain campaign who are engaging in the backbiting should never work a campaign again…but, given how politics work, they’ll unfortunately be able to find another job soon.

My question is: will the public see all the elementary-school backbiting and namecalling for what it is?  In this regard, I’m a pessimist: the public is easily snookered by media, on both sides of the political divide.

2) The Mullahs in Iran are, contrary to most politicians, making good on a promise.  Their pledge?  To execute those that oppose them:

As the Iranian authorities warned the opposition on Tuesday that they would tolerate no further protests over the disputed June 12 presidential elections, a report emerged of the hangings of six supporters of defeated candidate Mir Hossein Mousavi.

(HT: Hotair)

The Iran issue might have died down in the ADD American press in the wake of more “important” news, but it’s still very much alive in reality.

3)  The Health Care debate is still hot in our nation’s capital.  Verum Serum points to the bottom line:

An immensely popular President has asserted that the public plan is intended only as a positive influence in the market, fostering competition and leading the way in cost efficiency. And recent polls demonstrate that support for the public plan as described by the President is as high as 70-80%. And yet in spite of all this the President is having difficulty obtaining enough support…from MODERATES!? What could possibly explain this? It’s simple:

The proponents of the public plan are lying, and doing so transparently.

For anyone who has paid more than casual attention to the evolution of the Democrats’ platform for health reform over the past few years, it could not be any more obvious that the public plan was devised solely as a politically viable strategy to move the country towards a single-payer model. Why else would so many liberal members of Congress who have always strongly advocated for single-payer now support the President’s plan? As much as we may disparage them, these moderate Senators are not idiots and most of them represent constituencies that would be strongly opposed to a government take-over of healthcare. And they know full well that this is the underlying agenda of the public plan.

This is no idle speculation.  They have documented the real motivation extensively.  Go read the full post for links on that.

4)  Timmy Brister has a great testimony on how serious biblical church discipline can work.  Unfortunately, most of us won’t ever get to see something like this, because most don’t bother to practice it:

So many churches today do miss out on experiencing the kiss of extraordinary grace and celestial joy when the gospel not only reconciles sinners to God but also to one another in the context of a repenting and believing community who is covenanted to be a pure witness as the bride of Christ. So many pastors miss out on one of the greatest blessings of seeing Christ rescue fallen sheep because they do not hang around long enough, or aren’t willing to do love deep enough, to embrace fallen sheep and see Christ rescue them from their prodigal ways. So many wayward sinners wander into the hidden paths of prolonged rebellion without the legitimate discipline of a loving church because there is no commitment either on the part of the member to pursue holiness or the church to pursue those who fall in trespass and sin.

When I hear reports of God-moments in churches, I often hear of x number of people professing Christ, being baptized, etc., and they are all praiseworthy. But how often to we hear church members walk away from the gathered congregation with a God-moment where shameful acts of sinful rebellion is renounced in humble hearts of repentance and the forgiveness of Christ is communicated with joy and gratitude to God?

There was a time when experiences like the one tonight were not uncommon, but I have a strange feeling that this God-moment is one of which I would have a hard time sharing, except with brothers of yesteryear. But it does not have to be that way. We do not have to have undisciplined churches, meaningless membership, and cowardly pastors who are unwilling or afraid to do what Christ has commanded. I would not have had the privilege of joining angels in heaven with shouts of joy were it no for a pastor 20+ years ago committed himself to the biblical principles of regenerate church membership, church discipline, and faithful gospel preaching–marks all of which should make us Baptist. Unfortunately, my experiences leads me to believe that are marked as being weird.

The whole testimony will bring joy to your heart.

2 responses to “Various and Sundry Thoughts

  1. “The proponents of the public plan are lying, and doing so transparently.”

    Yes, yes, yes.

    Re. Palin — Methinks her critics protest way too much. Can you imagine us wasting time on Biden if he had lost? They fear Palin, and for good reasons. The more people see the more they’ll like.

    P.S. Feel free to appropriate “Roundup” if you get tired of typing “Various and Sundry Thoughts.” I probably borrowed it from someone else . . .

  2. Ian Clotworthy

    Hi there, I’m a real Irish person. I’ve read a lot of Christian blogs by Americans… why are most of you right-wing politically?

    Maybe it’s due to my different culture but I would have thought that Christian morality would point in a somewhat more collectivist, left-wing direction.

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