Epic Fail: Planned Parenthood Shows its True Colors…Again

Another video of a Planned Parenthood employee covering up allegations of sexual abuse…

Pro-lifer Lila Rose, 20 years old, went to a PP clinic in Alabama, posed as a 14 year old girl who became pregnant by her 31 year old boyfriend.  When Rose asks for an abortion, the PP worker she talks with says she needs parental consent.  Ok, so far so good…that’s a better start than the other clinics that have been caught willing to break the law.

But then Rose balks, saying her parents can’t know.  She reveals the reason: her boyfriend is 31.  Alabama state law requires health care officials to disclose cases of adult-child sex to the proper authorities.  The PP worker assures Rose, “as long as you consented to having sex with him, there’s nothing we can truly do about that.”


Wait, it gets better.  Tanisha, the PP worker, then proceeds to tell Rose that the clinic manager, Dr. Desiree Bates, “sometimes bends the rules a little bit…whatever you say stays within these walls…we can’t disclose any information to anybody.”

Epic…Fail.  The law says otherwise.  Ed Morrissey:

In this case, the clinic worker seems more interested in passing the buck to her boss rather than make a decision herself. Unlike other PP workers, Tanisha insists on having parental consent for the abortion — but then Tanisha tries helping what she thinks is a 14-year-old evade that requirement by seeing if she has an older sister who can pose as her mother. She then tells Lila that HIPAA requirements keep them from saying anything about the felonious relationship to anyone else, but that’s clearly not true, and Planned Parenthood knows better.

Dang!   How many times is that now?  It seems like there’s an incidence coming out just about every month now!

Jeez Louise–how stupid can you get?  I mean, forget, just for a moment, the obvious wickedness of failing to protect a child by turning a blind eye to statutory rape.  That’s the biggest issue, but put that to the side for a sec.  Wouldn’t you think, just as a matter of CYA, that PP would smarten up?  No–they get snookered by this gal every…single…time.  LaShawn Barber has blogged on the many other times the same thing has happened in other clinics.

Personally, I don’t mind that PP hasn’t smartened up.  It just gives folks like Rose more opportunity to expose PP’s true colors.  They are more interested in the almighty dollar than they are protecting young girls.  They’ll use the “we’re all about women” line to justify their cause, but actions like this speak louder than words.

Wake up, folks.  This is who many of your tax dollars go to.

I absolutely love PP’s reaction to these undercover vids in the past.   Barber notes,

U.S. News and World Report blogger Bonnie Erbe wants to know why the pro-life crusader hasn’t been arrested for trespassing or fraud, and – get this – Planned Parenthood has posted Lila Rose’s picture so its disgraceful workers will be on the alert.

Barber continues,

#1: On the alert for what? As long as PP reports statutory rapes and stops encouraging teenagers to lie about it, what difference does it make who comes into the mill? Whether a sting operation or the real deal, as long as PP workers do what they’re required to do by law (and common decency, for crying out loud), what’s the problem? Unless they plan on continuing the “you rape ‘em, we muzzle ‘em” policy.

#2 – Instead of posting Lila Rose’s face on the wall, how about posting pics of the women who failed to report the rapes, alerting girls and women seeking “services” to stay clear of workers who’ll not only allow abuse to continue, but advise them to keep their mouths shut, too?

Right on target.


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7 responses to “Epic Fail: Planned Parenthood Shows its True Colors…Again

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  2. I can’t believe that PP have the audacity to post Lisa’s picture so that it’s workers can be alerted. Why is the public not outraged by this? This is ridiculous.

  3. saynsumthn

    Hey you need to see Maafa21 and see what else Planned Parenthood has been up to. This well documented film will close them down for sure. Watch short clips here and get several copies to pass around ! http://www.maafa21.com

  4. Oh, that is classic that they posted her picture. Did the caption say that you could hide statutory rape for everyone except Lila?

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