Hands Free Cell Phone User=Crazy Person


Even though I use a hands free here and there, I find this funny.  I want to chortle when I see someone just walking around with those things on, not even talking to anyone, looking like a Star Wars character.  You’d laugh: I’ve seen teachers wearing those during faculty meetings, or, even worse, while they are with students!  I just want to flick their ears and make that gadget go sprawling across the floor: “get that thing off your ear!  You ain’t that important!”


One response to “Hands Free Cell Phone User=Crazy Person

  1. I agree. Can’t tell you how often I’ve responded to strange people only to get a harsh look as if I’m the idiot, seriously, can they be more self important? Oops.. I must has fast forwarded thru, ‘I use a hands free here and there’. Sorry;)

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