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Economic Houdinery

Yesterday I wrote about the long term social ramifications of Obama’s domestic policies.  In this post I’m tackling the other side of the coin: will the economy recover as a result of Obama’s policies, or in spite of them?  Will his decisions aid or hinder the recovery process?

I am just beginning to explore this question, so I only possess a beginner’s knowledge.

Here are some posts I’ve been reading that have helped me put things in perspective.  They are all pretty much coming from a conservative point of view…I happen to think that view point has a lot going for it, so to the charge of bias, I say:  meh (shrug).

Without further ado:


The government plan option is an intermediate step to a single payer system. Dems favoring the government plan option aren’t being completely honest with the general public, but they let their real intentions slip out when talking with groups that favor a single payer system. As Charles Krauthammer points out, Obama has abandoned advocating a single payer system for now, but this is only a practical step.

Here is clip of another Democratic Senator letting the real game plan slip out (HT: VS.  Be sure to read the comments section in the link.  Very educational because they go past making critiques to offering and evaluating better solutions.):

VS makes yet another post on the “public plan” talk. The cat is out of the bag.

While some might object that Congress, not the White House, has taken the lead in healthcare reform, Obama is still in the background orchestrating the plan.

Hugh Hewitt has more on the potential consequences to the government option on healthcare.

Laura at Hot Air breaksdown the “uninsured crisis” by bringing to light some inconvenient facts for those who want government-run healthcare. (HT: Wintery Knight).  WK supplements with some videos of his own in the HT link.

Obama vs. the evidence.…again.

Obama on healthcare reform: let’s keep digging ourselves a hole.  Here’s a bigger shovel. (This one’s got some hefty stuff to wade through for economic midgets like me, but it’s well worth it.  VS has some great stuff almost every day.  I highly recommend that you subscribe.)

Wall Street Journal: How ObamaCare will affect your doctor (HT: HH)  Hint: longer waits, less time in the appointment itself.  A notable quote:

The surest way to intensify flaws in the delivery of health care is to extend a Medicare-like “public option” into more corners of the private market. More government control of doctors and their reimbursement schemes will only create more problems.

Hewitt lets the doctors themselves weigh in…some eye opening testimonies about what goes on in Canada.

The Economy

Here’s a nice lil’ graph from Keith Hennessey on who cut spending more: Obama or Bush?

HT: Winteryknight.wordpress.com

HT: Winteryknight.wordpress.com

Accountability? What accountability? Greg Mankiw, professor of Economics at Harvard, discusses how the Obama administration’s attempt at accountability is anything but. The administration’s quarterly reports give the “illusion of accountability without the reality.”

Verum Serum also comments on the chart referenced by Mankiw, adding a question: besides putting us into a gigundous financial hole, what, exactly, has the stimulus accomplished when it comes to getting us out of the recession?

The O administration seems to be wearing rose colored glasses. John points out that the administration has had to revise the deficit numbers up $90 billion. Oops.

VS also reports on the AP fact checking Obama on his deficit and budget claims in front of the cameras. Once again, he’s a little less than truthful.

Obama: “we’re out of money.” His solution? Spend more money that we don’t have (aka the “stimulus bill”– now there’s a misnomer if there ever was one–and the budget for FY 2009 and beyond.).

Speaking about being out of money, Obama blames 7 straw men for our financial woes.

Wintery Knight asks: is Obama saving or creating jobs? The law of unintended consequences rears its ugly head again.

WK continues, evaluating Democrat policies on the budget, healthcare, and cap and trade. A key excerpt:

When it comes to federal spending, there’s a pattern emerging with President Obama, and it’s not a flattering one. The president says all the right things about the importance of getting the deficit under control, but his actions don’t come close to matching his rhetoric.

I have seen this pattern pretty much across the board in Obama’s brief tenure.  I’m not one of those folks who thinks he’s an idiot and doesn’t know what he’s doing, and I don’t think he’s naive either.  He’s incredibly savy and slick, and is not a sinister guy.  He totally believes that where he is taking the country is truly good…yet that doesn’t comfort me one bit.  In fact, it concerns me more.  He knows his rhetoric doesn’t match reality.

Here’s another anecdote exposing Obama’s habit of issuing sleights of hand from the podium (albeit, it’s on another topic than the economy).

I don’t trust him, period.

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This will be Decided from Above

Looks like the scrappin’ over Prop 8 isn’t over.  In fact, my friend and fellow blogger Chris Neiswonger calls today’s decision a “mere formality (thanks for the link, Chris!).”  If this goes through, I wonder what the higher court will say.

Here is the last part to a conversation series I did a while ago on Proposition 8.  It gets into some of the arguments from both sides (You’ll need to follow the links and start in the introduction.  Follow the parts from there consecutively.).  I highly recommend heading over there to refresh yourself with the issue.