Daily Archives: May 12, 2009

I had a fun Day

Update 5/13:

The exact opposite happened today.  I called 6 parents and only got a hold of one.  Bummer.

However, there was a bit of redemption in the low numbers.  One girl who frequently arrives VERY tardy (5-10 minutes late, has about 30 tardies on the year so far) came running to my class today.  As she entered, she smiled and muttered something about me not wanting to call her mom.  I hadn’t done the phone calls with this class yet, so looks like word got around.


….so, here’s how it all went down today.  I decided to crack down.
There’s already a lot I’m doing to curb tardiness in my class, but not much is helping.  I am beyond frustrated at the out of control tardiness at my school.  After the bell rings, it’s like Disneyland for the next 2 hours during class.  Hence yesterday’s post.

At the recommendation of a fellow teacher, I tried something.

courtesy of bogmedown.tv

courtesy of bogmedown.tv

After most of the tardies had arrived (about 30 minutes into the period), I randomly selected a tardy student.   I did this by having one tardy kid select a number, then I counted off based upon his choice.

No announcing what was going on.

This had a beautiful effect on their little psyches, kind of like choosing the instrument of your own execution.

Then: “come here to my desk and get out your cell phone.  Yes, get out your cell phone.  Call your parents and tell them you were late to class.  Tell them this is your 10th (15th, 16th) tardy this semester.”

Then came my turn to chat with the parents.  There were some good chats had by all.

I was afraid I’d not be able to get a hold of many of the parents.  If this happened, the egg would be on my face.  But my fears weren’t realized.  Out of 8 calls, only 2 didn’t pick up.

I couldn’t call everyone (hence the random choosing), but I was able to call some.  Boy…the ones that were “on deck” were squirming!  Every time I chose a student, the rest gave an audible sigh of relief.

Part of the success of this venture depends upon me continuing to do it.  A one time deal won’t make a bit of difference.

Anyway, time will tell if this actually reduces tardies or not.  But one thing for sure: I had great fun!  MUHUHAHAHAHAAA!  Exxxxxxcellent.