Daily Archives: February 17, 2009

A Very Manly, Belated Valentine’s

I often take my friends for granted.  I’m sure I’m the only one.

For some reason, my friend Ed came to mind Sunday.  Don’t know why (the Lord, perhaps?).  He’s one of those guys I take for granted, but I realized Sunday what a great friend he’s been to me.

He is the only person, outside of my mom, to throw me a party.  When I moved to California from Ohio in 2003, he threw me a surprise birthday/going away party.

The whole scene was kinda comical.  As a distraction so that the party could be prepared, he took me shopping.  Yeah, shopping.  Since when has a dude taken another dude shopping?  Sure, it was under the guise of giving me “grocery saving tips,” but it’s all the same…Tomato, tomahhtoe.

Then, when we walked up to our house (we were roommates at the time), Bryan, our third roommate, was standing outside looking reeeealll suspicious.  Bryan looked suspicious all the time back then,  but him just standing outside randomly was red flag number two.

The door to the kitchen was closed…it was never closed.  Red flag three.  Then, there was an eye staring through the key whole.

Well, you tried, Ed, but it really, really meant a lot to me.

He’s been one of the only friends from my past to actually consistently keep in touch with me.  He calls regularly.  I’ll see friends when I drop back in Columbus or Jefferson City (my two previous residences), but he is the only guy that continually initiates contact with me.  This is better than even 95% of my current friends.

You see, his initiative in friendship goes past Facebook.

For me, this is a big deal, because many times, when I try to get in touch with friends, they aren’t exactly enthusiastic about getting back in touch with me.   Sometimes I’ll make several phone calls and emails, and I get no response.  Some can’t even muster a return hello on Facebook.  For others, they’ll mumble something about being busy, then “hey, let’s keep in touch,” but six months later, we haven’t talked once.

Most of all, he’s not content with a surfacy hello.  If he thinks I need correction, he gives it, as any true friend would.  While we don’t always see eye to eye on those things, the fact that he even “goes there” says a ton about his integrity and love for me.

So, here’s to Ed….love you, bro…in a very manly way.  :)

btw, he’s a blogger too!  Check out his site (I contribute there from time to time, so you’ll see my name too.).