Daily Archives: January 29, 2009

Another Obama School

….this time in Compton, CA.

This is old news by now.  Other schools have done the same or plan to do so.

the signs are fake)

ht: michelle malkin (note: the signs are fake)

The fist sentence of the article is so funny: “In honor of everything Barack Obama has accomplished as 44th president of the United States…”

Heavens ta mergatroy.  When this article first appeared, Obama hadn’t even been sworn in yet!  Yes, being the first black man to be elected president is somethin’ else, but one’s values and the decisions based on them trump race.  I don’t know who , exactly, decided to re-name the school, but imagine the egg on their faces if he does not do a good job.

A question to the more historically initiated: has *any* other president had a school named after him in honor of his presidency *before* he was inaugurated?

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