Pro-Lifers Rallying Cry

The blogosphere has been set ablaze by Pelosi’s recent comments about adding “family planning” (Aaaand you know what that is a euphemism for…the family planning doesn’t just stop at condoms.  It’s kinda funny to think that contraception would stimulate the econ0my anyway, but I digress.) funding to the stimulus package (even though it looks like that suggestion might be tabled for now) and by Obama’s decision to repeal the Mexico City Policy.

Many, including me, wonder just how is providing federal funding for abortions both here and abroad going to actually reduce abortions.

Anyway, there’s absolutely nothing I can add that hasn’t already been said by those more gifted than I, so I figured I can add to the conversation by linking to many of the best in one post:

John Piper lays it straight.

Chris Neiswonger weighs in, calling Obama’s actions the beginning of his “war on the unborn.”  I’d call that accurate. He’s got some good comments on the language games being played.

Brett Kunkle says the most uncool thing anyone has ever said: the most important social justice issue of our time is abortion.

What  makes abortion plausible?  What makes it unthinkable (part 3 in a 3 part series, with links to parts one and two)?

Jim Wallis and E.J Dionne confuse spin with bipartisanship. Why they made their remarks is anyone’s guess.  If Obama’s actions are supposed to pass as bipartisanship, we’re in trouble…T-R-O-U-B-L-E.

Candace Watters analyzes Pelosi’s stimulus shlock.

Russell Moore gives a bit of perspective on being pro-life in the age of Obama.

Taxpayer funded abortion a free-speech right? That’s a slap, as the kids say.

Rachel Motte posts a rallying cry for pro-lifers in the midst of FOCA.

Dustin Steeve, in response to the comments on Rachel’s post, comes out with a strong statement. Included is a great reading list of links.

A team of intellectuals has started, aimed at calling Obama out on his decisions and views regarding abortion.  This one is a must read for *anyone.*

A short primer on the Mexico City Policy.

One response to “Pro-Lifers Rallying Cry

  1. Wow. That’s a lot of links.

    Thanks for doing the leg-work Rich!

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