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The Inaugural Linkfest

Here are some worthy links to others commenting on the inauguration:

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The Completion by Hugh Hewitt

Hot Air reports on the “Parting (cheap) Shot” of the Bush-haters (a teacher at my school did much the same today while we were watching the inauguration. Classy.) Hat tip: Michelle Malkin

Malkin comments on Jay-Z’s “My President is Black” in Can you Feel the Post-Racialism? I have a hard time thinking this was on King’s radar screen when he gave his speech.

John Mark Reynolds: The American Consensus and President Obama

Stand to Reason: So Help Me God

and another from STR, this one a must read (very convicting, gotta admit): Judas, Christmas, and the Inauguration

Michael at Answers for the Faith: A New President to Pray For

Evangelical Outpost pens some comments on the day’s events.

And finally, whaddya make of Mr. Macho Sauce (I think the guy’s got some good points)?


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Thoughts on the Inauguration

I could write forever on this day. Though it was fairly general and vague (as most vision casting speeches are), there’s so much to unpack in his speech, for example, but I will try to keep my comments relatively short.



Though I wasn’t even close to voting for the man, I, along with the rest of the world, call this day historic. Even his most ardent opponents can agree with that.

Rick Warren’s prayer was spot on. He praised God for his majesty, love, and kingship, reminding us all that He raises up and lays low the regimes and governments of the world. He spoke of everyone being held accountable. Most P.C pimps steer clear of anything smacking of judgment day, and I’m glad Warren marched right in there.

He prayed in Jesus’ name. Yes! I’m encouraged not because I’m personally a Christian. I’m encouraged because he did not bow down to all the P.C hufflepuff that’s all the rage these days (or should I just call it what it is? Idolatry. See Romans 1).

Some would prefer that there should be no prayer or reference to God at all. I see the many prayers and references to God and Scripture today as a thumb in their eyes.

Many will scoff a the Christian nature of the prayer. Get over it. Not because we’re a “Christian nation,” but because Warren himself is a Christian. A true spirit of tolerance would not object to someone praying according to his conscience. If Warren were a Muslim, Hindu, or Jew, I’d say the same thing.

We should not box him in with faux-tolerance-milquetoast-in-name-only-pluralism and ask him to suddenly speak and behave as a non-believer. Those that hold differing convictions from Warren should tolerate the prayer.

The absolute elation surrounding this day was palpable. I mean, you’d think the man just cured AIDS or something, judging by all celebration. My school did a whole big thang. Posters everywhere. Everyone watched the inauguration. Big cheers went up in the halls when he took the oath. The band played at lunch.

I don’t remember any other inauguration having this much fanfare going along with it (I’m young, so I admit my vision is a tad myopic), and I’m sure my school wouldn’t be in such a tizzy if any other person (Dem or Repub) were being inaugurated.

And what’s the deal with all the patriotism speak? I haven’t heard this much love of country, well, ever….Fourth of July, Vet’s Day, Memorial Day…nuthin. The Obama celebration has eclipsed all those days. What is a conservative fella like me to make of all this?

It’s due to two fairly obvious sources. One, for good or for ill, lots of people adore the man. The media swoons over him. Who knows the ultimate source. Though it’s hypocritical, the pass he’s been given in the mainstream media is completely predictable.

Second, we the American people are overjoyed because this is a huge step in realizing Dr. King’s vision. We have so far to go…but we have come so far still, and this is something all can celebrate. This is a convincing sign of something that’s been true for a while: perhaps, just perhaps, we are shaking off our ugly past. The rhetoric of the inauguration seemed, for the most part, to focus on this.

The speech: I didn’t think (and still don’t think) Obama is the best man for the job, but I’ll give him this–he sure can give one heckuva speech. I disagree with some of the details he spoke of (He thinks government is the solution; I think it’s the problem. I call government mandated “giving” theft; he calls it charity. Those are just two examples) but overall, it’s a fine beginning for our president. He touched on some themes I can give a hearty “amen!” to.

He can inspire confidence and speak convincingly. The man can sell a s*** sandwich, and people by the millions will buy it. That can be a dangerous quality to possess, but it’s a necessary one for our leaders. It is not sufficient, though. A far more needed quality is the quality to govern righteously and to love the truth. Time will tell whether Obama has what it takes on this score. Judging by some of the anticipated early Executive Orders, I have my doubts. Will he protect the “least of these” (the unborn, for those who are a bit slow on the uptake)? Like Warren mentioned, this is something on which he will be held accountable one day.

So, Mr. President, this day is yours, and I respectfully celebrate with you. I will always pray for you and your family. But starting tomorrow, I will be faithfully at my post to hold you accountable to the good, true, and beautiful. There are scores who will do likewise. Do not count on us to swoon over you like the MSM has, and do not expect us to fall in with the crowd. We are strong. We are ready. We are many.

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Cheap Slogans and What They Really Mean

9) The Spirit led me to do that. Means, “I felt inspired in the moment, and I don’t want you to question my actions, so I’m blaming God.”

8) God is leading me to marry/date you. Means “You’re hot.  Let’s mate…I mean, date.”

7) God is leading me to break up with you. Means “I’m just not that into you” and “I’m such a girly boy that I just can’t stomach making people feel bad.”

6) Have you prayed about it? Means, “I think you’re off your onion. You’re batty nuts, you know that?gotjesus

5) I’ll pray about it. Means a) “I’m stalling,” b) “phhttt!! Like I’m gonna do it.” or c) “I’m a wussbag who can’t say no.”

4) That’s not my spiritual gift. Means a) “You need to find some other sucker who will do it,” b) “I fear man,” or c) “I’m lazy.”

3) God spoke to me. Means “Who cares what God says? I made my mind up looong ago. Don’t confuse me with the Word.”

2) I feel called to it. Means “Call shmall…really, I just want to do it.”

1) This is what it means to me. Means a) “I like my version of the Bible much, much better,” or b) “I don’t want to do the hard work required to find out what the text really says.”

There are genuine people who really pray. Some people really don’t have the spiritual gift in question (Evangelism is still the obligation of *every* believer, even though some, and not others, are especially gifted in it!). God really does speak supernaturally (though usually its abundantly clear. The gurgle in your gut is gas, not God.), and God really does call people. But the above 6 slogans are used as crutches more often than not.

What are some other cheap slogans?

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