Waiting on God

I consider myself a Charismatic Christian.

I believe in all the gifts of the Spirit outlined in the Bible are for the present time…prophecies, tongues, healings…the whole 9 yards.

I came of age spiritually in the Vineyard movement.

I do recognize, however, that one can take a weird, unbiblical twist to “waiting on God.”

Bottom line: there are some things you don’t need to “wait” on and/or pray about. Hence, this very funny cartoon:

HT: Simply Ecclesia



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5 responses to “Waiting on God

  1. Hi :) Looking to network with any Christians! Nice post hahah.

  2. There’s also the classic joke about the man who refused to evacuate in the flood. When the Jeep came by, he refused, saying that God would save him.

    Then, once the streets were flooded, a rescue boat came by, and he refused, saying that God would save him.

    While he was on the roof, a helicopter came by and he still refused, saying that God would save him.

    Then, he drowned.

    When he got to Heaven, the man asked God why He didn’t save him as he’d prayed. God answered, “I sent a Jeep, a boat, and a helicopter. What more did you want?”

    God works in mysterious ways … but sometimes it’s not that mysterious.

  3. Wickle,
    I’ve heard the same joke….and I agree, God is big, God is mysterious, but sometimes the answer is right in front of us…

  4. More and more, I think prayer is not really about me at all. It’s not about God telling me what to do. It’s about me remembering who God is.

    Of course, the danger in that kind of thinking is that it’s only a few steps away from “God doesn’t care much about my daily life.” I believe that he does. I believe that he answers prayers sometimes.

    But sometimes Ben Franklin is right. Sometimes God helps those who help themselves.

    Those comics are hilarious.

  5. Blasted! I accidentally erased your trackback this morning when I was trying to delete a porn spam. Sorry.

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