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The Dating List

While I was dead serious about the women part of the equation in my post on what women find attractive, I was being a bit facetious about the guys.

Well, there’s some truth to it, but I overstated things for effect.

That being said, what do guys really find attractive in a woman?

I can’t speak for all men, but here’s my top 5:

5) Lets me be a man, respects me

4) Is a joy to converse and spend time with

3) Laughs at my jokes

2) Is physically attractive

1) Loves Christ and honors Him in her life 24/7

You know what, though? To heck with lists. I’ll admit it: very few, me included, keeps to their “list” of qualities they want in a mate. In the end, its all about “click.” If you click, great, if not, bummer. With the exception of #1, The list really doesn’t come that much into play; for most people, they can click incredibly well with someone who only possesses one or two things on their list, and vice versa.

I think sometimes people let the list get in their way. A particular person might have such high standards on things that don’t really matter (“I want a left footed swing dancer who is an avid Smallville and Thoreau fan.”) such that they disregard someone right in front of them who would make an excellent match and spouse.

It also needs to be said that all too often our standards are incredibly low in places where they should be high. Christians can be enticed away from #1 on my list. This should not be, especially when it’s important to God (2 Cor 6:14).

Bottom line: you are dating and relating to a person, not a shopping list.
Second bottom line: major on the (1 or 2) majors, be flexible on the rest. I was, and I’ve found quite a gem!

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Who is the Heaviest Olympian of all Time?

That would be 412-pound wrestler Chris Taylor.

frequent flyer miles

frequent flyer miles

Check out the video below of him getting thrown in the 72 Olympics.

That match is the source of the picture at the top of this post.  Rumor has it that the two wrestlers (the other one being Wilfried Dietrich of Germany) were good friends, and before the day began, Dietrich feigned a hug to see if he could lock his arms around the giant Taylor. The truth of that story is debated, but at least one credible source swears its true. There is also a rumor that Dietrich broke his neck in the throw. That one *is* only a rumor.

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