Top 5 Things Women Find Attractive in Men

What are the top five things women find attractive in men?womanlaughing1
In my humble, yet always correct, opinion, here’s my take on it:

5) A good conversationalist

4) Physically attractive

3) Honest

2) Funny

1) Confident

These qualities go across the board, for both Christians and non-Christians. They aren’t the *only* things women find attractive, but they definitely are at the top.

Put one and two together and you have a lethal combination. That, I think, is *one* reason why many women stay with men they really shouldn’t..the combination of one and two makes them feel a certain way, and that feeling is irresistible. I’ve thought, “how’d she end up with that guy?” waaay too many times to say otherwise.

If she sees that you can’t be pushed around, and that you make her laugh, you’re in. By the way, I’m not talking about a mild, she-chuckles-and-says-“that’s funny”-every-once-and-a-while funny, but head-tilted-back-you-can-see-her-tonsils-laugh funny.

How'd she end up with *that* guy?

How'd she end up with *that* guy?

Seriously, as Hitchens points out in the article, it’s all we’ve got. We look goofy. Hair grows in odd places. Weird sounds come out of random orifaces….often. We’re not as, shall we say, savy. Beauty and subtlety are not our strongsuits. We gotta work it like mad.

A note to the wise: don’t try too hard…they can sniff that from a mile away, and they’re gone. We’ve all seen been) that guy who trotted out one lame joke after another, each more desperate than the last, in an effort to impress a woman.

We’ve also seen that guy who chases, yet the more he chases, the more disinterested the woman becomes. Why? Because that screams “desperate,” and it does not bode well for attractive feature numero uno.

On 3-5: Women hate a cheat and a liar. Can I get an amen? Among other things, it just makes them feel unsafe…see a theme? It’s all about the feeling. Contrary to what many might say, choosing whom you date isn’t primarily guided by the head, unfortunately. I’ve seen many men and women who confidently trot out their dating standards, then trample on them in a heart beat.

Being a good conversationalist is a big bonus too. You’ve gotta be interesting. You’ve gotta know how to do more than monologue. Engage her! This means more than asking the standard questions, “so, what do you like to do? Where are you from? What’s your family like?”

It’s a conversation, not an interview.

And hey…though looks might not factor into it as much as it does with guys, it still plays a large role:

Note what is not on the list: being nice. It can come as a plus, and most women will certainly say it ranks high on their list, but I daresay that women don’t want to marry Mr. Rogers.

Also not on the list: winning drinking games, playing Halo 3, entering a fantasy football league, whining about how women keep turning you down, and monologues displaying your knowledge of The Daily Show history.

Caveat: I’m surely not the expert at 1-5. I’m no Don Juan, but I’ve seen enough successful guys out there to have a hunch.

So, what do men find attractive in a woman? Simple:

5) She’s not a shrew

4) She’s hot

3) She’s gorgeous

2) She’s incredibly attractive

1) Did I mention she’s hot?

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7 responses to “Top 5 Things Women Find Attractive in Men

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  2. hmmm..

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  6. It’s probably best to ask a woman what we find attractive.

    1) Handsome (including tall, thick hair, orlando-face)
    2) Powerful/esteemed
    3) Wealthy
    4) Confident
    5) Competent

    Note, only 4 and 5 are absolute requirements.

  7. Eli,

    aren’t our lists awfully similar (with the exception of your 2 and 3)?

    I kinda have asked women.

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