32 Links to build your blogging knowledge

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Lately I’ve been doing tons of reading on blogging.  I’ve read everything from tips on running a blog to articles on different social media websites (like Stumbleupon) to what SEO is to…you name it, if its about blogging, I’ve been reading it.

This has been such an interesting learning experience.   I’m having a blast jumping right into the blog world.

I’m finding out that though there are obvious differences (real life communication is, uhhh, face to face, which makes it a little more personal. Things on the web tend to be less cordial. People say things that they wouldn’t dream of if they were face to face with the person), the blogosphere functions a lot like the social world outside the web.

Basically, its all about relationships.

In the real world, if you want to make a business venture successful, you gotta network. You gotta get out there, mingle around and rub shoulders with people. You gotta be nice, help others out, do a few favors. Those who are merely self-focused quickly get ignored and left behind. The “favor bank principle” applies just as much in the blogging world than it does in the real world.

Along those lines, most people I’ve consulted say the same things about building your blog. A few of the commonalities are:

1) Linking out.

2) Commenting on other’s sites

3) Featuring other bloggers on your blog

4) Belonging to social media sites

5) The little things build up to make a big difference, things like your avatar (first impressions!), the professional look of your blog, etc.

6) Frequent quality posts keep them coming back.

In summary, a combination of effective advertising and great writing pays dividends over time. One without the other yields diminishing returns.

Here is a list of some of the best articles I’ve read so far (the titles are pretty self explanatory, so I’m not going to add any commentary myself):

1) Why commenting is good for bloggers

2) How to find good blogs (and how to get yours discovered!)

3) Statistical analysis of blog traffic

4) More traffic analysis

5) The advantages of Stumbleupon (“The force is strong with this one”)

6) Using social media to grow your blog traffic

7) Things learned from blogging heroes

8) Analysis of Stumbleupon’s top stumblers

9) How to draw Stumbleupon users to your blog

10) Blogging to a mass audience

11) The 7 habits of highly successful bloggers

12) Analyzing your RSS feed

13) Understanding reciprocal and non-reciprocal links

14) Understanding backlinks

15) The benefits of Twitter for bloggers

16) Ways you can use Twitter

17) Linking secrets

18) More on how to draw Stumbleupon traffic to your blog

19) 10 ways to increase comment traffic on your blog

20) Things that will put your blog above the fold

21) Manners on the internet

22) More on driving traffic to your blog

23) The Ten Commandments of blogging

24) Linking no-nos

25) Building your blog with Stumbleupon: part cinco

26) Checklist for linking to quality blogs

27) Type styling tips: some turnoffs

28) Checking out “curb appeal”

29) 80 great blog tools

30) Weblog usability

31) Nine essential posts every blogger should know

32) How to get backlinks

15 responses to “32 Links to build your blogging knowledge

  1. Thanks for the links (Viperchill & PluginID), they are appreciated.

    Great list, I’ve found quite a lot of reading material for today.



  2. cool. thanks for the links. I’ll check all of them out.

    oh yea, please help my friends and I settle one of our many disagreements at:


    I’d really appreciate it.

  3. A genuinely useful list. I found 13 + 14 particularly good but they’re all highly relevant and I have no more excuses.

    You’ve convinced me Rich, I NEED a blog for my site…

  4. Thanks folks! Glenn, your article was especially helpful for me. I need to re-read that SEO stuff soon.

  5. My blog contains Tips and Tutorials on How to Become a Better Blogger, How to Build a Better Blog and where to find free Blogging Tools and Resources.

    So often blogging tips blogs are like revolving doors. Bloggers come and find posts to learn what they need to know but they fail to provide a backlink to what they have learned because such a post doesn’t “fit” the niche that their blog is in and the contents of their blogs.

    Thanks so much for including my two posts in your list. I truly appreciate the recognition and referral.

  6. No problem, timethief, I’m happy to share your stuff. Your articles were very informative!

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  10. Great! Glad there’s people like you!

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