Pirate Laws

Every Wednesday in my class I give a “Reading Minute.”  The basic idea is to read a snippet of some delicious reading to the students.  Students, due to the media-saturated lives they lead, typically think reading is boring.  If it doesn’t come with immediate gratification, it’s out.  I therefore give reading to them that even the most hard-core reading hater will be drawn to.

In other words, I “sell the sizzle” in the hopes that it whets their appetite for reading.

I use a plethora of readings.  Some are funny.  Some are amazing in their prose.  Some lift the spirit, while others make you think.  Some are light fare, while others are most decidedly not.

Today’s Reading Minute is not rigorous…but it is righteous: Pirate Laws.

This stuff is rad.  When I first read this stuff, I laughed so hard I seriously made a fool out of myself.

My favorite: #11–“No pirate shall ever wear a ‘fanny pack.'”



2 responses to “Pirate Laws

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  2. LOL @ the fanny pack. You know I almost considered investing in one for my gym days because I always feel like I will lose my keys and ID but I am waaay too cool for that. I chose to remain cool. LOL

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