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Human Rights: Upon What Basis?

Christopher Neiswonger at Christian Theology has a good post today about all the rights talk going on.

His post deals with the proper scope of rights as well as the best worldview to ground human rights.

An excerpt:

And so the question would be if someone is claiming a right, upon what basis, and if there is no basis, we have neither a moral nor civil obligation to affirm a right that does not, or can not, exist. If rights do exist then a worldview that is reconcilable with their existence must be affirmed and the scope of those things that are or are not rights is predecided by the worldview itself.

Read the whole thing here.

In Honor of…

The absolute spanking the Bucks gave M*ch&g^n yesterday, I present to you the following jokes:

“A guy walks into a bar with a cat. Bartender says, “hey, you can’t bring cats in here!” The cat owner says, “can you allow it just this once? He’s very well behaved and is a joy to have along. Plus, all we’re gonna do is watch the Michigan game. He won’t cause any problems, I swear.”

The bartender reluctantly agrees to let the cat in.

First quarter, Michigan drives down the field and scores a field goal. The cat jumps up, does a backflip, and gives the owner a high five.

The bartender is intrigued.

In the second quarter, Michigan intercepts the ball, then proceeds to drive down the field for a touchdown. The cat jumps up, does a backflip, and gives the owner a high five.

Astonished, the bartender asks, “If your cat does that for a Michigan touchdown, what will he do if Michigan beats Ohio State?”

The owner replies, “I don’t know. I’ve only had him for five years.”


Second joke:

A Michigan graduate with a frog sitting on his head walks into the doctor’s office.

The doctor, somewhat surprised, says, “how can I help you today?”

The frog replies, “can you get this wart off my butt?”

BWAAAHAHAHAAAA!!! Sucka foo’s.