Tony Jones GLBTQ Blogologue Update

At beliefnet, Tony Jones recently wrote that he is in favor of same-sex marriage.  In the comments section, Tony said:

“Hi everyone. Just a note. This is going to be a long and engaging blogalogue over many days and many posts. Surely, Rod and I will both grapple with the scriptural passages that directly deal with homosexuality and those that indirectly have something to say about this issue. This was simply an opening post to give you something of my story.”

This was, in part, an answer to my concern: where was Scripture?

While he does say he’ll “grapple” with the Scriptural passages in the upcoming posts, I am still concerned.  The post I linked to was called “How I went from Tere to Here.”  It was an account of how he came to his position.  I would think that in an issue like this, at one point in his experience he would have sat down and wrestled with Scripture and reason.  I figure that any Christian worth his/her salt would factor in those two things in how s/he “went from here to there to here.”  But he never hints at this once.  This is an indication to me that *maybe* he rendered a verdict before he consulted Scripture….or at least, Scripture was an afterthought.

Is he letting the tail wag the dog?  Perhaps I’m being uncharitable.  We’ll see

Today, beliefnet posted a video conversation between Rod Dreher and Tony Jones.

Click on the link to follow the whole “blogologue.”

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