Rights, Shmights

Have you seen the kerfuffle going on with eHarmony?1adisharmony1

Read Thomas Sowell’s most recent column.

Do you find a connection between the two? I do.  It’s all about the “right” to have other people aid you in your lifestyle.

Comment away!

Tom Dibble, in my post on “Double Standards,” comments

“Have the protestors at Mormon temples physically stopped people from entering? Do anti-prop 8 protesters have a history of assaulting and blowing up the objects of their protest?

By all means, I agree that any protest should be limited to speech, and any threats (verbal or physical) made by protestors can and should be stopped and punished. Feel free to push for a 15-foot buffer zone law around Mormon and Catholic buildings if that prevents violence.”

Sowell’s column is a good answer to Tom’s question.

2 responses to “Rights, Shmights

  1. WOW! I cannot believe this. So, whatever the gay people demand, we give them? This is ridiculous!

    This is an example of why this politically correct culture must be challenged.

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