Prop 8 Protest Links

Not only is California on fire literally, but its figuratively on fire with protests.
Things are getting ugly, folks. Here I’m providing links from around the web and blogosphere so you can keep track of the happenings.  Yes, some are links to points of view I don’t agree with.

*Michelle Malkin has video and testimony of Christians’ rough night in San Francisco.

*Kevin McCullough adds his two cents over at Townhall.

*Speaking about Townhall, here are two more moderately decent posts: 1 / 2

* fellas (and gals) have the granny video

*Robin at evangelicaloutpost gives her thoughts here (check out the comments…some good discussion going on there.)

*Hotair predicts the ending.

*Good ‘ol Keith Olberman chimes in. (ht: stand to reason)

*Another supportive blog (hey, just trying to show charity…don’t think it will hurt my point, though): defamer

*And…look below for my related posts: “Go Home, People!” and “But It’s a Religious Argument!”

That should be enough…what say you?

4 responses to “Prop 8 Protest Links

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  2. Wahala Indeed!

  3. Some of us will respond this way:

    The National Equality Tax Protest – Wednesday, April 15th, 2009.

    Finally, individuals are gathering to TAKE A STAND against persecution from the Mormons & the Christian “Right”. No vote will be needed on this one.

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